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Integrated Platforms

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Reliable Software’s Managed Services brings greater decision-making consistency and reduces risk through significantly improved foresight. From implementation to expansion or an overhaul of protocols and practices, our customizable approach builds from knowledge and instinct sharpened on the job.

When Tableau Reporting Services are properly implemented, businesses excel through faster, applicable intelligence. In dozens of varied concerns, Reliable stands ready to improve how your workforce and users connect.

A deeper understanding of Tableau helps Reliable streamline development, implementation and support through rapid expert analysis at virtually every step, speeding up jobs by anticipating what’s to come and knowing how to respond.

Data Management & Visualization

At Reliable, we sculpt your data and paint-using tableau so that it is easy to understand and aesthetically pleasing and in meaningful format. Our Data Visualization service helps you identify your most important business driven KPIs and give you insights, patterns & trends into those metrics.

As a part of the service, we eliminate unnecessary data to enhance the user interactivity performance leading to increased adoption by the users.

Integrated Platforms

Maximize your investment by unleashing the power of tableau server from IT. Reliable’s Server administration packages are aimed to transfer the power of Tableau server into the hands of your analytics team.

You will do great with Reliable’s Managed Services, as you will never have to pay anything more than what you use.

Portal Integration

Our Portal integration service enhances user adoption by making it easy to distribute dashboards all over your organization or to your client using secure login.
Finding relevant dashboards is faster than ever, allowing users to jump into the dialogue with ease, even if they have no familiarity with Tableau using guided analytics.

Rapid Start

Aimed at educating your IT teams on the best practices of installation, configuration, managing and administering of Tableau Server.

Rapid start includes planning & professional installation of your Tableau environment so that your Analytics teams can get the best out of Tableau by jump-start and building visualizations as this service from Reliable is equipped with managing content, Users and permissions to achieve true self-service.

Rapid Start Boost

We help build a groundwork for triumph. Rapid start boost helps users feel satisfactorily proficient as we provide support and encouragement throughout the engagement and after so that the users are thrilled to endure learning on their own.

Rapid start focuses on empowering the users by teaching them Tableau desktop and helping them converse with their data in real-time by eliminating the traditional BI Practices. We teach users Ease of Use, pace and how powerful Tableau is.

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