Information Management

Reliable Software helps organizations harness the power of information both within and outside the enterprise. Utilizing this “golden copy” of data, we can help you turn information into action by making better decisions faster.

Our Information Management Services can equip you with the power to yield:


Single view of data


Clear insights through business analytics


Data Privacy and Secured Data


Optimized Regulatory Compliance

Our comprehensive Information Management Services cover the entire ecosystem of enterprise information management – from data creation to archival. Our solutions leverage the usage of standardization at the core to effect cost containment while ensuring that organizational goals are consistently achieved.

Our Information Management offerings include:


Big Data Services


Master Data Management(MDM)


Enterprise Data Warehouse


Business Insights


Data Engineering

Big Data Services

Setting up a big data solution is a complex undertaking. Big Data itself is a relatively new field; there is a great variety of factors to consider; and there are many data tools available to use, each with pros and cons depending on an organization’s unique needs. Reliable Software has all those bases covered.

We strategize and provide roadmap based on some of the key findings like:

What are the overriding business objectives for using data?

What will be the sources of the data?

What roles will the data support?

What specific purposes will the data be used for?

How much data is there; where will it be stored, and in what formats?

How frequently does the data update; how timely does it need to be?


Our Big Data architecture determines the resources to be employed (data, software tools, on premise servers and storage, and cloud) and how those resources fit together as a total solution.

Big Data architectures will vary based on factors like:

The volume of data to be stored
The variety of data (e.g., structured or unstructured, file format)
The velocity with which data is acquired and also accessed by users
Whether the application is batch or real time
Whether the application is batch or real time
Physical implementation (e.g., as a hardware cluster or in the cloud)
Types of analysis
And more…

Big Data Implementation

Data Lake build outs

We have worked with a majority of Hadoop implementation partners & can help your organization Create Big Data ecosystems, on cloud or on premise, to create a foundation for enterprise-wide consumption.

Hadoop Offloads

Leverage the power of Hadoop to offload costly and time-consuming ETL processes or data.

Big Data administration & support services

We have robust and experienced team to manage your Hadoop cluster 24/7 and derive ongoing value from Big Data investments through efficient and effective administration and support services.

Master Data Management

Establish and Deploy a MDM Framework for Procedures, Policies, and Standards

Enterprise data is continuously created throughout the organization. Systems evolve, business rules change, and performance measurement is impacted at every turn. Deploying the appropriate Master Data Management (MDM) strategy and implementation is critical to your organization’s success. Whether you need a Customer or Product MDM solution, or whether you are evaluating solutions from Microsoft®, Informatica®, or others – we can help.

A significant component of Reliable Software’s MDM expertise involves the development and implementation of Master Data Management programs on behalf of our global client partners. Since its founding, Reliable Software has assisted leading companies across numerous industry sectors build MDM capabilities around these realities, automating processes, decreasing redundancies, increasing controls and incorporating compliance mechanisms. For MDM projects ranging from single business unit deployments to enterprise-wide initiatives, these efforts require procedures, policies, and standards that serve as a solid framework for data uniformity through consistent business practices.

Our MDM experts work side by side with client leadership and associated business units to define your unique business challenges and goals prior to designing and mapping out architectures for data integration, data quality management, and relevant data metrics. Our team will then develop appropriate methodologies and business process rule sets to establish an adaptable, unified single master source of information for data hierarchies, segmentation, and definition.

Enterprise Data Warehouse

A single version of the truth throughout the enterprise.

Reliable Software helps organizations to accomplish five key objectives by implementing a robust EDW.:
Create a unified, stable, consistent, and scalable data warehouse with proper governance across the enterprise
Optimize data storage to support a consistent set of business rules and naming conventions
Assure the way data is modeled supports how the organization uses data for analytics, online transaction processing (OLTP), and other purposes
Eliminate redundancies, minimize errors and streamline workflows by ensuring that when different applications use the same data they access “a single version of the truth”
Ensure that new data entering the data warehouse is consistently clean, accurate and conforms with established data governance policies

Data Engineering

Data Ingestion & ETL Services

Data is the backbone of any enterprise and is a basic unit of information, the actionable insights that need to be drawn are impacted by the way the underlying data is collected, stored, combined and transformed.

Reliable Software has in-depth experience in implementing solutions using Data Integration tools like InformaticaPowerCenter, IBM Information Server Datastage, Abinitio, Microsoft SSIS, SAP BO Data Services, Oracle Data Integrator, Talend, Pentaho, Syncsort, and SAS.

Our Data Integration offerings include:

ETL Architecture

Helps you align Data Integration technology with the growth needs of your business. Leveraging Data Integration Architecture consulting, you can easily handle high data volumes and complexities

ETL for Emerging Business Cases

Helps you handle emerging Data Integration requirements of high volume batch services, real-time services, unstructured data, Big Data and appliance solutions

ETL Standardization and Best Practices

Standardizes Data Integration across your lines of business and helps reduce lead time to implement Data Integration solutions. We help you reduce overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through higher consistency and efficiencies of scale

Managed Services for Maintenance of ETL Applications

An engagement model in a managed services environment that provides you with Service Level Agreement (SLA)-based responses to business users at a competitive cost

Business Insights

Reliable Software’s BI solution and service portfolio are unmatched. We have the industry experience to know how to apply BI in your situation. We know how to leverage BI in all applications and user interfaces. In addition, we have the comprehensive knowledge of BI tools required to conceive, design, and create the BI solution best matched to your business.

Our BI solution portfolio includes:

BI Strategy and Road Map

All successful BI initiatives begin by understanding the business context in which the intelligence will be used. For example, what intelligence does the business need to carry out its mission and how should that information be delivered to users and applications? That is why we begin every BI engagement by identifying clear needs and objectives, and then build a roadmap for BI system selection, deployment, expansion or upgrade.

BI Tool Evaluation

Reliable Software is a “tool agnostic” company with broad experience with virtually every significant BI tool in the market today. Our only focus is finding the best tool that aligns with your objectives while taking into account your industry, business challenges, application landscape, user roles, functional requirements, and other factors. Based on your criteria we then review the possible tools and narrow the list based on factors such as overall scalability, ability to handle large amounts of data, number of users, proactive delivery and alerting, security, and whether the solution is web-based. We then make a final recommendation. Depending on circumstances, we may also work with you to develop a vendor RFP and assist you in evaluating vendor responses.

BI Tool Implementation

Rarely does a BI tool come ready-to-use out-of-the-box. Significant tailoring is usually required, both to fully leverage the power of the tool and to provide the optimum functions, features, and performance required to meet the objectives identified by business and IT stakeholders. Nor should the BI solution be left to operate within its own silo. The current IT environment may also need to be tailored so that applications are fully able to leverage the intelligence the BI tool provides. Applications may need to be modified, databases extended, and connections between various resources constructed.

Dashboard Development

How does profitability vary by product model? How do sales of product X compare with sales of product Y over the last 12 months? Which indicators are best at predicting whether a prospect will buy?

A key part of BI tool implementation is developing dashboards — high-quality visualizations of the data that BI tools generate, presented in a form that people find easy to understand, work with, and communicate, such as Pareto charts, maps, bar graphs, gauges, and line graphs. These kinds of dashboards lead to better and faster decision-making, better collaboration, and fewer mistakes. That is because different users will be operating off the same data and with a common understanding of what the data actually means.

Reporting and Analytics

Designing and developing business reports and analytics is a complex undertaking that takes into account a multitude of factors like:

What are the data volumes that need to be analyzed and how much and how fast are these data volumes likely to change?
What are the real-time requirements of this analysis; for example, does the solution need to extract insights based on information within timeframes of a few milliseconds?
Are special technologies or innovative approaches called for, such as processing-in-memory (PIM), in-database analytics, data warehouse applications, in-memory analytics, or massively parallel programming (MPP)?
How important are capabilities that are not directly related to analytics, such as data security and failover capabilities?
Where will the data come from (e.g., social networks) and do the interfaces to these sources exist or must they be built?
What types of analytics are required — e.g., marketing analytics, customer life value, customer retention, product mix, and so on?

Reliable Software’s reporting and analytics team have the deep experience and professional expertise required to successfully address difficult questions such as these. That is because BI is a core competency for us, not an add-on.