Every organization is under constant pressure to limit spending while improving core services and operations and pursuing strategic initiatives. Organizational executives must continually find ways to reduce costs while minimizing risk, as well as continually innovate in order to keep pace with rapidly evolving technology and regulations. We collaborate with each client to help them realize their strategic transformation agendas and build programs in alignment with your goals and mission. Our expertise at streamlining business processes, minimizing fraud, waste and abuse, as well as enhancing productivity are powerful enablers for accomplishing mission and business objectives.

We have a proven record of accomplishment in working with CIOs, CTOs and CISOs as well as other executive stakeholders in the areas of Strategy, Governance and Program Management to plan, develop and execute strategies to accomplish their goals and objectives.

Our Strategy and Advisory services include:

CIO Advisory Services

Process Improvement, Business Process Re-engineering and Lean Six Sigma

Development of Strategic Plans, Goals, Key Performance Measures and Strategies to achieve the goals

Change Management, Executive Communications and Stakeholder Management

Governance Models based on standards from ITIL, PMI, CMMI, Lean Six Sigma

Learning and Development, Training and Leadership Workshops

Technology Roadmaps, Portfolio Management and Mission Alignment

Workforce Development and Human Capital Management

Enterprise PMO Support, Integrated Project Teams

OMB300, CPIC, Financial Reporting

Strategic Program Management and Tactical Project Management

Gap Analysis, Market Research and Advisory


We help our customers develop strategies to unleash business value from new, innovative technologies like mobile, social, cloud and analytics – increasing IT efficiency and effectiveness to drive growth across the organization.

Identify Growth Opportunities
Reliable Software’s strategy consultants identify business growth and innovation opportunities from technology investments, including emerging technologies, legacy systems and integration. We help organizations create value and achieve competitive advantage through the optimized alignment of technology and business strategy with our Strategy and Advisory services
Close Gap Between Business and IT
Our experts work collaboratively with CIOs and their team in the boardroom, continuously striving for ways to close the gap between business and IT.
Your Trusted Advisor
Working across all major sectors, Reliable Software has inherent business expertise across Retail, Banking & Financial, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Energy and Government sectors. Our consultants have demonstrated expertise in creating value for clients, and together with our proven methodology, frameworks, and research capabilities, we act as trusted business advisors to your organization. with our proven Strategy and Advisory services


Implement Digital Transformation
Reliable Software’s Digital Strategy helps clients implement digital transformation as a business strategy integrated across multiple digital channels. Our consultants’ expertise and in-depth understanding of industry dynamics assists enterprises adapt to current and disruptive trends to identify new business opportunities and maintain a competitive advantage in this fast changing digital age.
Achieve Sustainable Growth
Our approach involves continuous monitoring of new technologies in the digital space to help clients ensure their business strategies result in sustainable growth and innovation.
Cost Efficient Solutions
We value our clients’ investments, hence our teams work closely with them to bring solutions rapidly into the market with quick imagination, designing and prototyping. We’ll help you develop a road map driven by measurable results and cost efficiency customized to their needs and relevant emerging trends and technologies.


Reliable Software’s strategy consultants identify business growth & Innovation opportunities from technology investments

Reliable Software’s Cloud Strategy experts help you identify which applications are best suited for deployment in the cloud, and which cloud technologies best fit your needs and the best path to transition your application to cloud.

Reliable Software’s Cloud Strategy Services will help you accelerate your journey to the cloud, transform IT and reduce operational costs.

Our Cloud Strategy experts work with you to assess the suitability of your applications for the cloud, select the right platforms, and define a cloud strategy and road map for transformation and growth.

Reliable Software’s Cloud Service puts enterprises on the right track to fast and successful cloud adoption while mitigating risk and ensuring industry compliance.

Reliable Software’s cloud consultants are well versed in deploying all types of cloud platforms, including hybrid clouds that give you the best of both worlds. We help drive cost savings and flexibility while ensuring security and compliance for mission-critical applications.

Utilizing our Cloud-enabled Enterprise Transformation Methodology with pre-engineered cloud components in conjunction with our cloud partners, we can assist you in selecting the optimal cloud technologies and design a strategy road map for your business to accelerate time-to-market, increase profitability, enhance utilization of your IT infrastructure, improve the customer experience, virtualize processes and increase workforce collaboration.

Our Cloud Strategy experts help you in the following areas:

Design & Transformation Roadmap

We design customized future state cloud service models for your cloud migration.

Readiness Assessment

We assess and document the various business and IT drivers to determine your cloud readiness for migration to the cloud.

Suitability of Assets

We evaluate and assess which business and IT assets are most suitable for migration to the cloud.

Cloud Technology Partners


Our data strategy experts help you with your strategic business objectives

Reliable Software’s Data Strategy experts help you with your strategic business objectives and view them together with an analysis of your workflows, data requirements, and technical capabilities.

Data Strategy is a business-driven initiative that also involves technology. The winners are not the first to install a Hadoop cluster or analyze a peta byte of data, the winners are those who learn to harness data in service of their business objectives. Our experience across many industries has resulted in a method that delivers results early, while simultaneously developing a platform for the future.

We believe that having the right data at the right time creates a business advantage, but getting there can be tricky. That is where Reliable Software’s Data Strategy experts come in handy. We help you explore business opportunities that depend on unlocking value from data.

Reliable Software’s Data Strategy experts work with your subject matter experts and identify business goals, current capabilities, and data requirements resulting in a prioritized road map to achieve your goals.

We embed our experts within your team, where they can work collaboratively with your team to discover your business needs, map your decision processes, and evaluate available data. We work closely with your executive and technical stakeholders to evaluate new data sources and technical capabilities that hold potential to significantly increase business value and then bring it altogether transformational data-driven road map.

From inception to completion – you will have the benefit of an expert team comprising multiple disciplines, including solutions architecture, engineering, and data science.


For people that do not work in analytics, it is an exciting if somewhat mysterious and bewildering field. Anecdotal stories and buzz about the great breakthroughs analytics can bring has generated a tremendous amount of interest.

So what does Analytics bring in business terms?

For people that do not work in analytics, it is an exciting if somewhat mysterious and bewildering field. Anecdotal stories and buzz about the great breakthroughs analytics can bring has generated a tremendous amount of interest.

Done correctly – analytics empowers you to achieve information superiority over your competitors.Information superiority exists when a competitive advantage is created from your ability to exploit a superior information position.

Information Superiority provides:

Increased tempo of activity
Increased responsiveness

Lower risks
Lower costs

Insights discovered by analytic activities can have disruptive impacts on your organization, your market and your competitors.
There is not a magic algorithm, Data Scientist, or tool that can do everything.

Achieving Information Superiority requires an Analytic Strategy that best leverage all types of Analytics.

Descriptive – What happened?
Diagnostic – Why did it happen?

Predictive – What will likely happen?
Prescriptive – What should be done?

One more thing. Conventional wisdom says that the more disruptive the insight – the more money, time and people needed to implement it. Our experience is that this is not always true. Reliable Strategy and Advisory services Something relatively simple can have huge, near term benefits.