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When your application is running on the cloud or your development team is developing an application to run in a cloud environment, it is imperative to adopt a DevOps culture so that your application is developed, tested and deployed on the cloud in an automated fashion.Reliable as a DevOps service provider helps you to sync, scale and streamline your business.

DevOps (“software DEVelopment” and “IT OPerationS”) is a term used to refer to a set of practices that emphasize the collaboration and communication of both software developers and information technology (IT) professionals. This results in an automated process of software delivery and infrastructure changes allowing for a culture and environment where building, testing, and releasing software can happen more reliably, frequently and rapidly.


Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (or Delivery) is the core of DevOps culture. We at Reliable Software have mastered all of the open source software as well as enterprise software such as Open Source Jenkins and Cloud Bees Jenkins on AWS or any other cloud environment, Team Foundation Services (TFS) or Visual Studio Team Server (VSTS) on Azure Cloud Environment, GitHub, Bit Bucket and other products from Atlasian.

We have mastered the art of continuous deployment of a monolithic full application to a VM as well as microservices deployed on a Docker container.

We have collaborated with OEMs like Microsoft, Docker and other OEMs so that we can deliver the best of breed solution centered on your needs.

Principles Of Continous Integration

Maintain a code repository

Make the build self-testing

Every commit (to baseline) should be built

Test in a clone of the production environment

Everyone can see the results of the latest build

Automate the build

Everyone commits to the baseline every day

Keep the build fast

Make it easy to get the latest deliverables

Facilitate automated deployments

Continuous Delivery vs Deployment

Reduces the number of features introduced per release, minimizing shock to users

Will reduce the standard release cycle

Helps to avoid off-hour, high risk, expensive deployments

Know your rollback plan (do you rollback or roll forward only)

Built in health checks

Changes approach to releasing software from an event to non-event

Continuous Delivery


Continuous Deployment


Design to Build,Design for Happiness (D4H)

DevOps As A Service

We at Reliable have taken the DevOps consulting concept to a whole new level by offering all the DevOps tools to be available with click of a button by offering Reliable as a DevOps Service provider on demand.

By adapting DevOps as a Service model, you as a customer not only save time on creating the core DevOps environment on the cloud but also save on resources required to setup the DevOps environment.

This way your development team can be more agile and your team can respond more efficiently to the business need, and concentrate on creating the development pipeline rather than worrying about creation of the infrastructure.



Micro services is an architectural style that structures an application as a collection of loosely coupled services. For many developers, it has become a preferred way of creating enterprise applications.

The scalability enabled is ideal for a range of platforms and devices—spanning the web, mobile, Internet of Things, and wearables when you are not sure what kind of devices you will need to support in the future. Whether your application is monolithic or micro service based Reliable Software can enable your organization to develop and deploy the application using the DevOps culture.

We can help you move your application by DevOps consulting environment to DevOps and a Microservice architecture.

Our expertise on Microservices based application development and deployment with Docker and Cloud Foundry, on cloud-based infrastructure – Paving the way to the digital future of our clients.

Our expertise on microservices based application development and deployment with Docker and Cloud Foundry, on cloud-based infrastructure – Paving the way to the digital future of our clients.

Monolithic Architecture


Microservices Architecture



Over a period of time computer software’s are getting smarter to create the whole new infrastructure required for a particular application to be deployed upon. We at Reliable Software adapted to this automation movement and enabled ourselves to help our clients to be a part of this new journey of infrastructure as code with the help of available configuration management tools such as Chef, Puppet Ansible, Terraform on any cloud environment.



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If you are looking to be part of this DevOps movement, whether at an individual level or your whole company, we can help you and your team to adapt to the DevOps culture.Our DevOps consulting team will helps you in training and Reliable serve you as a best DevOps service provider.