Legacy Modernization

In years past – complex computing infrastructure was expensive and required organizations to optimize processing to keep computing costs low. Business models and processes were entirely different when such legacy applications were prevalent. Legacy software remains deeply embedded in organizations with great complexity. Furthermore, there are problems associated with legacy applications such as their lack of agility, a shortage of personnel with the requisite skills (or desire) to support such legacy applications, and the high cost of ownership.

Today, computing costs are not a concern anymore. Agile, proactive, flexible, and real-time prescriptive IT systems are imperative for business growth. To align with this changing trend, Reliable Software offers advanced legacy modernization services, which accelerate legacy application modernization and migration to new platforms enabled by digital capabilities.

Reliable Software’s Legacy Modernization Services are supported by our in-house center of excellence teams and which provides 360° coverage for apps and infrastructure modernization.

Our Legacy Modernization & BPO offerings include

Legacy Decommissioning

Legacy to COTS


Legacy to SMAC

Application Migration

Business Rules Extraction and Externalization

Legacy User Interface Modernization

Enterprise Application Integration

Application Lift & Shift

SOA Enablement

Product Upgrade

Custom Application Development and Enhancement


You do not need another cookie-cutter

Just like your employees, your applications help define you in the marketplace. They’re key in determining how fast and how well you respond to customers, how quickly you bring products and services to market, whether you fully leverage your cash and other resources — and much more. That is why you are not looking for cookie-cutter solutions. If you are going to outsmart, outmaneuver, and out-produce competitors — then your applications must empower you.

A Difference You Can Measure

Different outcomes require different inputs and a different application process. At Reliable Software Resources, we employ an agile methodology where we start by asking the right questions — to fully understand your business and functional needs — and then design a plan that includes measurable milestones and timelines tailored to your specific business and technical requirements. Deliverables are defined as units of functionality that create differentiating business impacts, each of which we review with you at scheduled stakeholder meetings. Progress is measured against agreed-to business KPIs (e.g., cost savings, labor savings, and time saved) as well as project KPIs (e.g., timeline, budget, and features).


Tool and Technology Agnostic

We are fully versed in the most advanced development tools and technologies. Our only rule is “suitability to task” — which is also how we staff your project. Members of our 600+ member consulting team bring an average 10+ years of IT and industry-specific experience and can be cost-effectively deployed onsite, offsite, or offshore based on your requirements. That includes ongoing support after the application goes live to support end-users, reduce the risk of production hiccups, and optimize workflows.

Enterprise Application Integration

Break the software barriers for better business performance

Unfortunately, some organizations still use software applications as if they are appliances. For every job there is a different application — an SCM application for Supply Chain Management, a BI application for Business Intelligence, a CRM application for Customer Relationship Management, and so on. That means different applications often have different versions of the same data (like a customer record) and these versions often do not agree. Storing, updating, and reconciling different versions of the same data in different applications wastes people’s time, causes errors, wastes computing resources, and creates barriers to organizational performance.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) from Reliable Software solves that problem. We break through the barriers between applications so that different applications view the same data at the same time all the time.

Our work includes:


Creating data flows between applications


Creating common (rather than redundant) data repositories


Providing APIs between applications to manage data sharing

Reliable Software’s EAI Benefits Include

Less redundant data storage

Resulting in lower storage costs and faster backups.

More integrated workflows

Empowering applications that are involved in the same workflow (like CRM and email or ERP and SCM) to operate more like a single application, with less need for human intervention and much higher throughput.

Less redundant data entry

Resulting in fewer data entry mistakes and fewer mistakes caused by applications not having the most up-to-date information.

Fewer Interfaces

So people can get more work done faster because application are more tightly integrated, there are fewer interfaces to learn, and the organization is agiler.

Specialized Knowledge & Experience Are Critical

EAI is a highly complex task that spans multiple applications and the critical data that are core to the company’s business. So, before engaging an EAI partner, organizations should thoroughly vet the resource based on his/her specialized expertise and experience at having performed multiple successful EAI projects in the past. It is on that basis that many organizations across multiple industries have trusted Reliable Software as their EAI partner of choice.

Complete Managed Services

Refocus your priorities

Organizations have many reasons to outsource some or all of their IT operations, whether day-to-day or on a project basis. IT may not be a core competency. There may not be enough work to keep an in-house IT department busy. Alternatively, IT may be considered a strategic asset and you want “the best of the best” available as needed to support your in-house IT department.

Hiring Reliable Software Resources as your managed services provider lets you refocus your priorities. We’ll give you as much or as little managed IT support as you need — from serving as your virtual CIO or IT department to taking on more specialized roles like ensuring functional and regulatory updates are expertly applied in a timely manner. We can help your internal IT team troubleshoot technical glitches, provide help desk services to end-users, and counsel senior management on the best options for upgrading and realigning technology to meet future business challenges.


In all cases, we will tailor services to meet your specific requirements. In addition, regardless of our role, our mission remains constant: to help you optimize your use of IT resources for maximum business advantage.