Reliable Software helps our retail customers to derive deeper insights about customers, transactions, and operations across all channels.

The emergence of online channels has changed the way many customers interact and shop. To engage smart-phone toting, always-on consumers, retailers need to improve their understanding of their customer’s preferences, anticipate changes in demand faster, and offer personalized communications and promotions – all to stay a step ahead of their competition. In the fight for customer attention, data is both the biggest asset and biggest challenge for retailers.

Reliable Software can help your organization implement analytics solutions in

Customer Insights

Deepen customer insight by preparing, blending and analyzing all customer data, demographic, social media, transactional and more, across all channels.

Multi-Channel Performance

Improve multi-channel performance by aligning product mix, promotions, messaging and media choices based on customer spending levels, purchase history and browsing behavior.

Assortment Planning

Hyper-localize assortment plans by enriching transaction history with trade area demographics, local population trends, ethnicity mix and more.

Store Optimization

Determining market potential based on sales forecasts, trade area demographics, competitive activity and more… retailers can optimize site selection and store network decisions.