Reliable Software provides end to end solutions for today’s Telecommunication Marketplace.

Telecommunication companies are facing increased competition globally. Advanced technology has enabled communications companies to reap the benefits of integrated solutions.

Reliable Software’s Strategic Advisory Consulting Group has consultants who are expert in the latest IT platforms including Managed Services, Cloud Native Solutions, Mobility, Big Data and, Advanced Analytics.

Reliable Software provides solutions and services to organizations by leveraging our consulting, implementation Services, managing, and product sourcing. Its specific solutions are Strategy & Advisory, Analytics, Information Management, DevOps Services, Cloud Computing, Legacy Modernization, Innovation Lab, Infrastructure Service and Workforce Management.

Reliable Software’s Advisory Services and Managed Services – IT Strategy practice works with you to ensure the right IT strategy and platforms align with and meet business goals and objectives.

From strategic guidance to migration, from hosting to ongoing management, Reliable Software’s Cloud Lifecycle Services enable you to make smart choices for your organization that:

  • Drive faster results
  • Optimize your complete environment
  • Provide flexibility to embrace growth Cloud Advisory Services – Let Reliable Software partner with you to strategize and architect your cloud transformation. Our vendor-neutral experts provide assessment and transformational services focused on helping you define or refine your cloud computing vision, architecture, and roadmap.

Cloud Advisory Services

Before you pursue any cloud initiative, you need a well-defined, wide-ranging strategy to identify where the cloud can benefit your business – plus a model and an architecture that fully address the impact of cloud adoption on IT operations, governance and Workforce Management.

Our Cloud Advisory Services team can help you:

Define and clarify your cloud computing vision.

Craft the architecture that best suits your business and IT resources.

Develop a dynamic roadmap that ensures your transition to the cloud is smooth and seamless.

Cloud Advisory Services Capabilities

  • Cloud Basics – is a one-day workshop that provides a fundamental understanding of cloud computing models – public/private/hybrid, PaaS, SaaS, IaaS – and how each one can yield meaningful, sustainable benefits. You gain the knowledge necessary to begin formulating your cloud strategy.
  • Cloud Migrate – provides a comprehensive view into all aspects of migrating to the cloud. The content is tailored to your organization’s needs – from a preliminary assessment that forms the basis of a high-level business case to a more comprehensive cloud strategy incorporating all aspects of your organization.

Reliable Software’s Cloud Direct solution is multi-dimensional, analyzing all factors that influence cloud suitability – not only those within your IT portfolio but also those that impact enterprise-wide cloud adoption. This provides you with clear, detailed insight into the impact of cloud adoption on your organization, governance, and IT operations.

Cloud Migration Services – For many organizations, the toughest question is not whether to migrate to the cloud, but how? Reliable Software provides a full range of services and resources to make that process fast, efficient, and non-disruptive. Our migration services support all models – PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS – and all infrastructures – public, private, and hybrid – from the transition to change management to hosting and ongoing support, helping you:

Get expert guidance and hands-on support throughout the migration process.

Avoid business and IT disruptions.

Accelerate the process of moving to the cloud.

Cloud Migration Capabilities

Our Cloud Migration Services encompass the full range of needs – from implementation to migration to integration.  Offerings include:

  • SaaS Implementation and Integration.  You can achieve greater cost savings and scalability by taking advantage of our SaaS services, which include Platinum-certified services, as well as functional configuration, process and data integration, and lifecycle management services.  We provide support for leading providers across key business functions such as CRM, HCM, FI, SCM, and ITSM.
  • Cloud Application and Infrastructure Migration. Smart migration involves a dynamic journey that not only fast-tracks the migration process but also ensures seamless enterprise integration with other cloud apps, traditional ERP and legacy applications along the way.  Our migration experts leverage our proven Reliable Software frameworks to transition your existing applications and collaboration platforms to our resilient, secure and high-availability private, public, and hybrid cloud infrastructure.
  • Cloud Application Development and Testing. When you need to accelerate time-to-value, there’s nothing faster than our agile, on-demand PaaS application development and testing environment.  We leverage our extensive experience in your industry and in app development and our in-depth knowledge of the leading cloud development technologies and deployment models to extend the value of your solutions. Together, we can deliver results in a fraction of the time of traditional on-premise models.
  • Cloud Managed Infrastructure.  Subscribe to our owned and managed cloud infrastructure, and you will be fully equipped to meet the performance, security, and availability requirements of leading application suites such as SAP, Oracle, Lawson, SharePoint, and Exchange.

Our private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions leverage are leading converged infrastructure platforms to accelerate ROI.

  • Cloud Migration Services – Accelerate your move to the cloud by taking advantage of our deep expertise in applications and infrastructure coupled with accelerators and tools. You can quickly transform your IT environment by implementing smart cloud choices that drive next-generation business practices while seamlessly integrating your entire applications and infrastructure portfolio. Using a dynamic roadmap, we can partner with you to thoughtfully migrate your existing business applications and collaboration platforms to the cloud solution that best meets your needs – IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.
  • Cloud Management Services – No matter what cloud model or models you adopt, no matter what mode of delivery you choose – private, public, or hybrid – the professionals at Reliable Software’s Service Operations Center can support all your applications and infrastructure – both cloud and non-cloud – seamlessly and holistically. With our innovative monitoring and management tools, we proactively support and secure your IT assets and transactions with enterprise-class cloud application and infrastructure management services.

Reliable Software provides unique operational insights with just one tool. Reliable Software Leverages the full-stack monitoring from the front-end to the back-end, to infrastructure, to the cloud. We understand how application performance can impact your customers.

By leveraging our Cloud Native Reliable DevOps Platform RDOPS™ Monitoring Solution, we can monitor our client’s real user data, application performance, infrastructure and cloud environments.

Our auto-detects enables all application dependencies and tracks transactions across all tiers while resolving performance or availability issues before they impact your client. RDOPS™ increases your client’s services while reducing their risks.

Reliable Software® Integrated Edition is an industry-leading network automation platform, providing instant visualization and analysis of critical network data. Important stories live in data but network and IT teams struggle to make sense of the vast amount of information available-from telnet/SSH, SNMP, or collected through 3rd party network management tools.

Visualization is a powerful means to discover and understand these stories, and fundamental for collaboration

Network Monitoring

Reliable Software provides unique operational insights with just one tool. Reliable Software Leverages the full-stack monitoring from the front-end to the back-end, to infrastructure, to the cloud.  We understand how application performance can impact your customers.

By leveraging our Cloud Native Reliable DevOps Platform RDOPS™ Monitoring Solution, we can monitor our client’s real user data, application performance, infrastructure and cloud environments.

Our auto-detects enables all application dependencies and tracks transactions across all tiers while resolving performance or availability issues before they impact your client. RDOPS™ increases your client’s services while reducing their risks.

NFV (Network Function Virtualization)

Reliable Software SDN/NFV Orchestration Platform – assist service providers to accelerate the delivery of on-demand services, while reducing costs through automation. Reliable Software provides integrated network intelligence within an open architecture, to simplify network operations, drive smarter business decisions and elevate the customer experience.

Reliable Software leverages OpenStack Center of Excellence (Redhat, Mirantis) with respect to SDN/NFV.

For Multi-national Companies, network outage can range far and wide, including potentials such as:

Faulty devices, such as routers or switches

Performance bottlenecks

Landline or fiber-optic cable issues

Physical and environmental hazards

RDOPS™ Monitoring Solution can service customers across geographic regions before the effects of an outage could spread globally.

As the telecom space moves towards increased use of virtualization platforms, DevOps is becoming an important model to smooth the transition.
Cloud Native is a faster, more efficient way to run your business. It gives you the power to deploy, replace, dispose, test and observe all moving parts of your business, so you know what is happening, where it happened and what you need to do to fix it.

The four characteristics to make a Cloud Native organizational system work are: A DevOps -culture for collaboration, Continuous Delivery – for agile development and release management, Microservices – architecture for iterative development, and Containerization – for deploying individual microservices. To have micro-services architecture means to have multiple independent teams working together to make the system more efficient.

A major advantage of the cloud-native application is that they are composed of multiple microservices that interact through a shared fabric.

Continuous delivery is an open automated passage that allows developers to immediately and effortlessly deploy to production environments. While having a DevOps culture aids operations and developers to work together to distribute shared value to the customer.

The adoption of cloud-native application architectures helps your organizations transform its Information Technology group into an agility development organization. The implementation of migrate traditional monolithic, legacy applications and service-oriented architectures to cloud-native architectures allows your organization to troubleshoot, monitor and update on a service-by-service basis, rather than dealing with the entire application.

Companies that develop into Cloud Native will have a better opportunity to flourish and gain a solid advantage on their market!

Reliable has partnered with Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, Docker, and DC/OS and other Open Source Proprietary Software partners to offer cloud-native solutions to innovative companies looking to accelerate their time to market, lower technology costs, and increase agility. In addition, we have partnerships with all primary leading cloud providers such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM.

Reliable Software’s Cloud/DevOps Accelerator (RDOPS™) delivers information superiority in a single pane of glass for all of the application development projects and the various DevOps tools designed to enhance the productivity of DevOps leaders and engineers significantly.

Some Benefits Described in our presentation and demonstration are:

Accelerate your DevOps journey in a Cloud Environment (Public Cloud and Private Cloud).

Single Pane of Glass for most of your DevOps operation requirements.

Business and IT leaders can visualize Johnson & Johnson (J&J) whole team and application lifecycle from a single login, without the need to learn each of the tools.

Microservices-specific application versioning, simplifying the development lifecycle and production deployment.


Automated Build / Deploy pipelines up to Staging (Blue / Green Deployments)

Integration Testing happens in Staging and moves to Production after signoff and as per Product timelines

Automated contract tests running regularly

Automated Integrated Tests as part of CI/CD Pipeline

Reliable Software RDOPS™ Platform is an enterprise Digital Transformation DevOps Platform that delivers information superiority in a single pane of glass for all of the application development projects and the various DevOps tools designed to enhance the productivity of DevOps leaders and engineers significantly.

RDOPS™ enables IT leaders, developers, data engineers and data analysts to develop, test, deploy and monitor Microservices-based enterprise applications or data modeling applications in a fraction of the time compared to existing methodologies.

Some Benefits Includes:

Enterprises can develop APIs faster, test and publish them quicker for customers to test and consume data.

Enterprise DevOps Infrastructure in Minutes

Cloud Platform Independent

No Scripts Required

DevOps Pipeline Creation in Minutes

Develop and deploy to production environment data-based applications in minutes.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) of Microservices

Deploy and integrate with Big Data ecosystem tools.

Reliable Software DevOps Process:

Reliable Software Consulting Services utilize our high-performing teams to assist organizations in establishing an Agile Development Environments (scrum, sprint, kanban) for the Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) of feature-driven software solutions using Advance DevOps Methodology.

If you have been struggling to transition to agile DevOps practices, or even if you have transitioned successfully, Reliable Software can make implementing cloud-native and DevOps best practices much easier, making it an ideal platform to support enterprise application and operational modernization efforts.

Reliable Software offers a wide array Consulting Services through it’s Strategic Advisory Service for the delivery of on the market today. Reliable Software provides highly scalable, predictive, descriptive and prescriptive analytics across Azure, Amazon, Google and IBM BlueMix Hybrid Cloud, Multi-Cloud, Public and Private Cloud infrastructures.

Reliable Software’s hybrid infrastructures delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, takes advantage of industry SaaS Platforms and innovative expertise as a leader in open source software to generate tailored remediations in real time. Reliable Software Hybrid Cloud platforms based are upon, IBM, HP, DELL, Cisco, Nutanix, and VMware for the enterprise market to address the threat of an interruption in Business Continuance via Meltdown and Spectre within your telecommunication environment.

Mobile operators realize that they have a huge role to play beyond just providing data services, voice services, and devices. At a time when most of the enterprise customers are looking forward to incorporating mobility and use this mobility factor to increase their daily productivity matrix, this is also becoming a significant opportunity for telecom operators. Mobile operators are in an ideal position to provide the much-needed business mobility for the enterprise segment.

The Future of Mobility:

Autonomous vehicle technologies become pervasive:

Depends upon several critical factors; e.g., technology regulation, social acceptance:

Vehicle technologies will increasingly become “smart”; the human-machine interface shifts toward greater machine control extent to which vehicles are personally owned or shared:

Reliable Software prides itself on being a nimble organization wh can provide innovative solutions within the mobility marketplace. Reliable Software offers Apple and Microsoft based API’s devices, which can be integrated and utilized within the mobility eco-system for highly scalable, predictive, descriptive and prescriptive analytics Mobile apps.

Moreover, Reliable Software can leverage our analytics to determine predictive capacity planning for network systems deployment. Our iterative approach estimates your mobility usage, measuring your current capacity, planning for additional capacity, and monitoring critical indicators for performance.

The following illustrates capacity planning and the factors involved in each step.

Mobility Capacity Planning Workflow

We at Reliable Software are confident that we can assist your organization in taking your efficiency to the next level of business productivity. Let us show you how!

Telecommunication companies want to be able to analyze network, service, customer, and regulatory data in real-time to efficiently manage their businesses. Reliable Software assists telecommunication companies in consolidating disparate data sources while generating insight through predictive analytics.

The resulting “Big Data” analytics is merged with traditional data modeling techniques to offers comprehensive predictive analytics framework across multiple databases in real-time.

As a result, telecommunication companies can receive answers in seconds and minutes, instead of hours and days. For example, analytics can be used to identify trouble spots in their network or to visualize various patterns in their data.

Reliable Software Engagement Process:

Phase 1: Consult –We assess the direction of your industry and the role of Big Data in your current and future business environment. Our Strategic Advisory Team includes relevant industry trends in Big Data processing and analytics, current enterprise issues that Big Data might address, and the costs and benefits of a Big Data implementation. Your organization shall gain a better understanding of your Big Data potential and how to proceed.

Phase 2: Discover – We explore the ramifications of Big Data for your company’s strategy, organization, and business processes. When completed, your organization will know which of your business requirements can be optimally addressed by a Big Data solution.

Phase 3: Analyze – We do an in-depth assessment of your current business and technology environments, identifying specific opportunities for Big Data – as well as non-Big Data alternatives. We deliver a customized Big Data Business and Technology Alignment.

Phase 4: Plan –If the result of our analysis indicates that a Big Data solution is the best fit for your needs, we show you how to make it a successful reality with complete recommendations, an implementation strategy, and comprehensive plan. Our Enterprise Big Data Assessment report systematically establishes the need, the solution, the technology, and the cost/benefits of your implementation. The Enterprise Big Data Implementation Plan details the full methodology, schedule, and program management plan to ensure our client’s success.

Data Warehousing

Reliable Software has over 14 Years of Telecommunication experience. Whether it is TB’s or PB’s of Call Detail Records (CDR) Implemented for large telecommunications firms as well as financial, retail and government organizations. The volume of data also can make it inaccessible to the decision-making process if it is not properly managed.

The large, long-established firms that have legacy data on mainframes may need to be integrated or replaced with new technology. Worse yet, data from a small company bought to provide a new product may need to be combined with that legacy data. More modern, smaller firms have a more straightforward integration task but face limitations in resources. The mandate to “know the customer” means that no matter how challenging, the function must be achieved or the company will not survive.

Reliable Software offers a wide array Consulting Services through it Strategic Advisory Service for the delivery of Hybrid Cloud, Multi-Cloud, Public and Private Cloud on the market today. Reliable offers platforms based upon, IBM, HP, DEL, Cisco, Nutanix, and VMWare for the enterprise market to address the threat of an interruption in Business Continuance within your telecommunication environment.

Reliable Software Solutions enable enterprises systems to manage complex network coupled with the massive amount of data within heterogeneous environments.

Reliable Software’s Solutions are synergistic and provide unique capabilities unmatched in the marketplace today. Reliable Software Solutions are designed to solve the data protection problems unique to IT, Engineering, Scientific, and Creative customers engaged in large-scale computing, analysis, business analytics and visualization environments.

Reliable Software through its Data Warehouse services allows companies to anticipate possible problems and respond proactively by enhancing customer satisfaction as a result of “pushing” analyses out of their systems to the customer; this allows customers to understand their own business better and provides a value-added service. As telecommunication companies employ more data warehousing, we can expect clients to as the question What If? What If my customer data can be used to develop a profile for identifying high-probability new customers which could lead to more efficient marketing strategies?

Reliable Software can assist your organization in answering the What IF question. Let us show you how.

Unlock the business value of your data and pinpoint growth strategies with an Analytics solution that can perform at the “speed of thought.” Let our Analytics services help you flex faster to changing business challenges and conditions. Leverage our proven best practices to focus on emerging areas like mobility, social analytics, unstructured data, and the cloud. The result? Near real-time Analytics to support proactive, more informed decision making.

Fast Track Results with Better Decisions and Less Risk

Solutions from our Analytics practice will put you on the fast track to driving innovation and improvement across your systems and processes so you can:

  • Get technology-agnostic guidance that links your business strategy to the right Analytics capabilities
  • Lower TCO and achieve higher ROI from your Analytics investments
  • Increase productivity as a result of improved processes and increased data- and process-sharing across your business
  • Increase end user confidence and adoption by improving the consistency and accuracy of data and providing access to multiple sources of information
  • Enhance alignment of strategy and goals by tracking key metrics to meet performance
  • Make strategic decisions, maintain regulatory controls, and sustain performance
  • Enforce governance across the enterprise by establishing data governance frameworks, process and PMO frameworks, and stewardship programs
  • Help business partners make informed decisions about increasingly complex business problems
  • Proactively address business anomalies
  • Adopt subscription-based Analytics services to reduce upfront capital expenditures

Analytics Capabilities

Market trends and customer attitudes can change in a single Tweet or Facebook post. Our Analytics services can help you speed and simplify the gleaning of business intelligence from social media and the daily deluge of data from other touchpoints. We deliver deeper industry and technology expertise by promoting a tool-agnostic and process-centric approach to our analytics services, which include:

  • Collaborative Business Intelligence
  • Dashboards, Scorecards, and Visualizations
  • Mobility
  • Reporting
  • Report Factory