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GSA Schedule 70 #GS35F400DA

The Big Data portfolio of solution offerings at Reliable Software includes several industry-leading as well as emerging technology solutions to assist government agencies to optimize the value from the enormously massive and complex amounts of data they collect, store, and analyze.

As data (and the various sources it derives from) continues to grow exponentially, these solution offerings address governments timeliest and pressing Big Data challenges including analytics, visualization, storage, data retrieval and consolidation, Data Management, and compliance.

Analytic focus areas include:

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Deep Machine Learning
  • Advanced Data Visualization
  • Cluster Analysis

Reliable Software offers “Analytics-as-a-Service” to enable customers to flexibly perform and consume analytics entirely in the cloud or hybrid cloud.

Reliable Software knows how to empower even novice users to carry out massive data analysis without requiring a deep understanding of the various data sources and/or analytical models. Our experience and expertise in equipping analysts and executives with advanced analytical capabilities, without having to rely on IT or data science, allows for a truly insights driven enterprise.

Reliable Software can help you convert your Big Data into actionable intelligence that increases efficiency, supports your mission, while also reducing costs. Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services can support your needs in the following areas:

Advanced Analytics

  • Analyze data with greater agility

  • Faster data integration and visualization at lower costs


  • Store and process massive amounts of structured, unstructured and machine generated data

Cloud Computing & Virtualization

  • Monitor cloud environments effectively


  • The open source software framework that supports data-intensive distributed applications

Key Benefits

  • Enable accountable and open government while ensuring solid governance, excellent security and effective compliance

  • Improve the quality and efficacy of services and uncover hidden insights about your constituents

  • Empower Smart Cities through the more efficient use of staff, assets, resources and infrastructure

  • Reduce operating costs associated with managing multiple systems, an ever-growing information footprint and a plethora of manually based processes

  • Boost defense and security analytical applications. Use analytics to increase mission effectiveness while mitigating operational risk

  • Improve the sharing of information and collaboration between departments

  • Optimize the use of government data

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