Cloud Advisory

One of the strategic goals of any designer and architect should be to push as many workloads as technically feasible to the top of the platform hierarchy.

Accelerate and simplify your journey to Hybrid and Multi-Cloud platforms

GRC – Governance, Risk and Compliance

API Development and Management (MuleSoft, Dell Boomi)

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Public Cloud Infra Management, Hyper-Converged Infra

Hybrid Cloud provides the foundation for a cost-effective and successful IT Transformation

Inspiration Drawn From Public Cloud

Start Quickly

We start a project quickly as the business user needs

Start Small

We start small so that client need not give importance to right size the infrastructure spend to match the business spend

Scale as you grow

As the business growing up and down, we scale up and down with your infrastructure

Today’s most innovative organizations match the right cloud with the right workloads through a hybrid and multi-cloud strategy

Cloud deployment helps drive IT transformation initiatives faster and grow revenue up to two or three times

It is important to answer the following questions before you move your workload to the public cloud

Are all of your business applications designed to run in the cloud?
Do you have many predictive workloads?
How many elastic workloads do you run in the public cloud?
Does the economic reality of public cloud align with your business objective?
Does public cloud security meet your business requirements?

Reliable software partnered with the hyper-converged infrastructure companies (Nutanix and Simplivity) and cloud service providers (AWS, Azure, IBM, Google, OpenStack etc) to bring a hybrid cloud solution for our clients and customers

The hyper-converged infrastructure based private cloud brings the advantage of the public cloud along with the lower per VM cost and the required security we need for our enterprise data

We are there to help you for your cloud deployment journey

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Cloud Foundry PaaS

Common incentives, tools, and processes builds a culture of shared responsibility.
Collaboration is paramount.
Continuous Delivery
With automated tests, teams release early and often.
The results: higher quality code and lower risk.
There’s fewer bugs in production.
Loosely coupled components help teams deploy independently.
No more waiting for integrated test teams.
Everything you need to transform: Culture, Tools, and Platform
Our DevOps Accelerator RDOPS Platform
Provide your DevOps initiative the agility it needs on any Cloud Platform i.e public, private and hybrid cloud
Access all your DevOps tools and their features from a Single pane of glass
Build DevOps pipeline in minutes
Create, manage and deploy apps to any container platform like Kubernetes or PCF

PCF Lab: Reliable Software has a dedicated PCF lab for performing DOJOs –with modern architecture and an open source concept to support more than 100 applications running concurrently. The purpose of the lab is to provide a platform to architect and create different application reference architectures and train Reliable Software and client’s PCF developers, administrators on PCF Technology.

It is also used for the purpose of R&D, POCs, demonstrations, third-party component integration and services. We also developed, tested our RDOPS on this platform.

Cloud App Migration Services

Reliable Cloud Factory (Right set of Cloud Infra, partners, tools, accelerators, resources)
Application Migration Framework (process)



Managed Services

Managed Services – Delivery Model