Accelerate your Business Growth with Digital Transformation with the help of Cloud and DevOps.

Cloud is no longer a new thing as there are many enterprises who have already adapted to the cloud and many more are still embracing the cloud technology.

We are a technology services company helping customers accelerate Cloud and DevOps adoption, infrastructure automation, and Cloud operations and management.

Our experienced team helps you navigate through complex changes and make People, Process and Technology choices in adopting the DevOps model.


We help manage our client’s journey to the cloud and operate the applications on the cloud after the move. We can advise you on the areas of your business that would benefit from the migration, we study all your applications, give you a comprehensive breakdown of the costs involved, and then offer you the technical expertise and support to make sure the transition is as seamless and non-disruptive to your business as possible.

Whether private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud, if you are planning to move your application to the cloud we can help you achieve your ROI goals. Our established cloud application migration framework and tools can enable your organization to develop and deploy the application using the DevOps culture.

Our application migration to cloud expertise can help you to migrate any of your current group of applications onto the Microsoft Azure or AWS cloud platform.

We can help you to define your application data backup strategy to Cloud and help you with your Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) plans.

If you are constantly paying out for storage, servers or software then we can help to consolidate them all into the Cloud, streamlining your business and saving you your Capex as well as the Opex.

Why rely on Reliable Software for your Cloud Migration?

Determine whether the application is really fit for migration to Cloud based on ROI

Assess the applications you’re moving to the cloud and their individual requirements

Analyze the application and its ROI on Private vs. Public Cloud Platform

Determine which is the best cloud platform for your application

Evaluate how much support you will require during the migration and afterwards

Establish your ROI goals after the migration effort?


Reliable Software experts deliver infrastructure automation and containerization of applications using Chef, Puppet, Terraform and Docker. We provide managed services and support to customers with public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures including but not limited to the following cloud platform and services.