IoT Manufacturing

Internet of things has a great potential to make manufacturing much smarter and operate with optimal efficiency. IoT is changing the dimensions of many manufacturing businesses along with the way they operate.

Manufacturers are in great need of the best solutions for tracking, monitoring and storing their supplies. Reliable Software Resources Inc. (RSR)is providing cutting edge IoT solutions for manufacturers. commodity manufacturing or tools and equipment manufacturing. RSR sensors are channeling the power of the Internet so it can be applied to processing food, opening-up opportunities to improve food safety, reducing risks, optimizing efficiency and cutting costs of the overall process.

Bluetooth sensors are low cost, small in size devices, that can be attached to staff, pallets, tools and machinery. They allow the location of all the things to which they are attached to be monitored in real time in what is called an RTLS, a Real-Time Location System along with asset tracking and employee monitoring.

Beacons allow us to link the physical world to the virtual world. We now have the opportunity to manage the physical factory floor the way we manage the virtual world of web sites.