San Francisco Development Agency Ranked As Top Android Application

It is perhaps the greatest honour for any company to get recognized from a host of companies, but the form of recognition matters even more for some agencies. Such is the case for Sourcebits, a development agency operating out of San Francisco that was ranked as the best in Android app development after a survey was conducted by Great Agencies over a pool of 600 participants. However, interestingly enough, the main men at the helm of this company saw the top position as a honour but were more excited about the A+ grade they received in the category called “Quality of Apps”.

Getting excellence recognized by excellence

The best thing about this recognition is that the surveying corporation Great Agencies has the reputation of excellence in evaluating excellence. They have been doing this for multiple categories which could be viewed as a go-to list for customers to know who serves the best and who delivers the best expertise. Each agency is evaluated for their media coverage, general reputation, and level of compliance, transparency, fee structures, employee structure as well as figures, expertise and level of accreditation. All in all, these factors weigh over the decision as to which company should be awarded with the crown of best agency. It specializes on companies that work in fields of social media marketing, web development, Mobile app development as well marketing, digital marketing and surprisingly, 3D animation.

The prize of many toils

Sourcebits has just completed a decade as a company and works on application developments of both fields- Android and iOS. Innovative business strategies has been there from its origin and the more the company grows, the more it goes on to enhance user experience while keeping the app as agile as ever despite continually increasing user traffic. Their marketing strategies as well as launching campaigns are widely regarded as next to none and currently, their pool of clients include a large number of Fortune 500 companies, which is a commendable achievement within a very short span of time.

The many activities

The areas of expertise for Sourcebits include enterprise mobile application with customized, Omni-channel customer experience. Primarily focusing on development technology, Sourcebits have grown on the years to create value through a rigorous but smooth integration of design, marketing and development. Hence, calling it a technology company will be limiting its scopes and powers as it aspires to do much more.

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